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Natural Food Colours

Natural Food Colours are Dyes Substance that imparts color when it is added to food or drink. This dyes or pigments Extracted from Natural Sources like Fruits, vegetables, plants. Food Companies use Natural Food Colours for different reasons but more so for giving visual appeal, Colour uniformity and consistency to all their product ranges. Natural Colours are also used to create a unique product identity by using distinctive variations of Colours.

We are supplying natural food Colours that serve the enhancive Quality which is very essential for Food and Beverage Industries. We offer a wide range of Natural Food Colours in Powder as well as Liquid Forms which have greater stability and specific application assistance.

Available Product Range:

• Caramel Colour
• Annatto Colour
• Currcumin Colour
• Safflower Yellow Colour
• Chlorophyll Colour
• Red Beet Root Colour
• Anthocyanin Colour

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Instant Soup Powder

Instant soup is a type of soup designed for fast and simple preparation. As we know that Soups are the starters that are had before the main course. But people all over the world have soups as snack. We are offering nutritionally rich Instant Soup Powders that are mixed in Hot water and serve. The delicious Soup powders are offered by us is prepared from fresh vegetables and spices. We are recognized to be one of the innovative Instant Soup powder's Supplier & Exporter in India.

Available Product Range:

• Tomato Soup Powder
• Mix Veg. Soup Powder
• Sweet Onion Soup Powder
• Spring Onion Soup Powder
• Palak Soup Powder
• Lemon Coriander Soup Powder
• Karela Soup Powder

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Vegetable & Fruit Powders

We are offering the wide range of Spray Dried vegetables & Fruits powder which are prepared after Drying and Grinding of natural Fruits and Vegetables. We source the best and the freshest fruits, vegetables and condiments and process them at our Plant where they are washed, sorted, converted in to pulps, concentrated and later Spray Dried. We maintain the integrity of these Fruit & Vegetable Powders without adding any synthetic additives flavors or concentrates to them. This gives our products distinguishable Colour, texture and taste. Spray Dried Natural Fruit and Vegetable Powders maintain nutritional value and quality required for incorporation in Infant foods, Weaning foods, Snacks foods, Hot and cold Beverages, Desserts, Confectionery and Bakery products. To provide maximum protection from atmospheric humidity. Our Products offer longer shelf life and versatile uses, making them a healthy substitute to actual fruits and vegetables in different food and beverage applications. Our powders do not contain any synthetic additives and are also free from any harmful chemicals or substances. They are fully traceable and adhere to highest norms of Food Safety and Hygienic Conditions.

Available Product Range:

Vegetable Powders :

• Tomato Powder
• Lemon Powder
• Tamarind Powder
• Mint Powder
• Onion Powder

Fruit Powders :

• Lemon Powder
• Pineapple Powder
• Chikoo Powder
• Orange Powder
• Custard Apple Powder
• Guava Powder
• Water Melon Powder
• Banana Powder
• Strawberry Powder
• Pomegranate Powder
• Amla Powder
• Mango Powder

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Instant Shake Powder

We are offering a wide range of instant Milkshake powders. A little bit of this instant powder brings your milkshakes to a whole new level, as we always believe in innovative taste which enhances the image of Foods and beverages industries. This instant shake powders are to be manufactured by using our unique low Temperature Spray Drying process. All the instant Milk shake Powders can be customized as per the clients requirements. Our Shakes are free from any artificial color and Chemical Preservative.

Available Product Range:
• Chikoo Shake Powder
• Banana Shake Powder
• Mango Shake Powder
• Strawberry Shake Powder
• Custard Apple Shake Powder
• Water Melon Shake Powder

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Instant Drink Powder

We are offering a wide range of instant drink powders just add chilled water and it's ready to drink. As we know that now a day people always wondering for instant products and our aim is to provide the best enhancive quality for instant drink to our customer. Our instant drink powders are free from synthetic flavors and preservatives. It is almost impossible to imagine everyday life without such instant drink products. Instant drink products which represent in a sever time specially when in a rush or concert or sporting event, the quality and taste of this products combine effectively with a very Quick and preparation time.

Available Product Range:

• Lemon Drink Powder
• Orange Drink Powder
• Lemon Ginger and Honey Drink Powder
• Amla Lemon Drink Powder
• Pineapple Drink Powder
• Mix Condiments Drink Powder

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